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How Does This Buyback Thing Work

Looking for the most economical way to get around New Zealand?  Buy a Kiwi Road Trips’ campervan with a buy-back guarantee. Kiwi Road Trips’ campervans are comfortable, functional and have everything you need for your New Zealand road trip.

It is easy to buy a vehicle in New Zealand and Kiwi Road Trips will help you with the paper work. They find the campervans for you and if you have a special requirement they will try to find what you are looking for. Their campervan stock changes all the time, however you can book a campervan for just $500 and they will have one ready for you when you land in New Zealand.

They have three levels of campervans which you can read about at http://www.kiwiroadtrips.nz/campervans-for-sale-and-hire/ Typically you can buy a cheap backpacker campervan for as low as $2,960 and then the buy-back will be between $1,000 and $2,400 depending on the length of your stay. The Buy-Back amount is agreed upon when you purchase the campervan, so you know what to expect. So, you pay for example,$2960 to purchase the campervan when you arrive in New Zealand and on your departure you sell it backto Kiwi Road Trips for the agreed amount.

For examples of the campervans Kiwi Road Trips have for sale take a look at http://www.kiwiroadtrips.nz/new-zealand-campervans/ Remember, if you book a head of time they will find a van for you and have it ready on your arrival.