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Buy-Back Campervans

Having a campervan is a great way to explore New Zealand with freedom and flexibility. But renting or hiring a campervan is a very expensive way to travel; costing more than $100 a day during peak season. In addition, with renting you have to pay for an expensive per day insurance policy.

Renting for longer than a couple of weeks is a crazy way to do travel and will usually cost more than $1,500. So why not consider buying a van to use for your adventures?  There are so many advantages in having your own transport and accommodation with a campervan.

What about car insurance? Unlike many other countries it is easy to get car insurance in New Zealand. If you are planning on staying in New Zealand for more than a 3 or 4 months you should be able to get car insurance from any one of a number of insurance companies; for shorter periods you can get a special backpackers insurance.

What about selling the van at the end of your travels? There are many backpackers who have purchased a van and not been able to sell it at the end of the season because every other traveller is trying to sell their vehicle as well. Usually demand is greatest in October to January and then there is an over-supply at the end the season. Sometimes a backpacker mistakenly pays too much to begin with—especially for very high-mileage campervans. When they come to sell the campervan they are surprised by the drop in the campervan’s value, even taking into account that they have travelled five or ten thousand kilometres in them. So what is the solution?

It is understandable that vehicles do drop in value however you need to look at the bigger picture. If you rented a campervan for more than a month you will pay thousands of dollars. It is your home and transport. But rather than buy a vehicle on your own you can use a service provided by one of a few buyback campervan specialists. One such company is Kiwi Road Trips. Their website is www.KiwiRoadTrips.nz and they provide campervans with a buy-back guarantee. They search for suitable campervans for you to explore this incredible country in. They will sell you a campervan and then at a set date they will buy the campervan back from you. Right from the start of your adventure you will know exactly how much owning the campervan will cost you.

Find out more about how buy-backs work at how-does-this-buyback-thing-work.html